how to beat a double team in football

To beat a double team in football, a player must use quickness and agility to evade the defenders while staying aware of the field and the ball. To do this effectively, one must have good footwork and hand placement to manipulate the defenders and create openings for themselves or their teammates.

By staying low and using a variety of moves such as spins, jukes, and fakes, a player can outwit the double team and gain valuable yardage for their team.

It’s important to practice these skills continuously and to keep a level head during the game, as reacting too quickly or recklessly can put a player at risk for injury or loss of possession.

With enough skill and practice, one can successfully navigate through a double team and contribute to their team’s success on the field.

Understanding the Double Team

Facing a double team during a football game can be an overwhelming experience, as two defenders work together to block your path and limit your options. However, with the right approach, you can turn this situation into an opportunity to outsmart and outmaneuver your opponents.

Know Your Opponents’ Weaknesses

When it comes to beating a double team, knowledge is power. By studying your opponent’s weaknesses, you can develop a game plan that targets their vulnerabilities and increases your chances of success.

Here are some ways to gather information about your opponents:

  • Watch game tapes to see how they have handled double teams.
  • Observe their tendencies and preferred defensive formations.
  • Consult your coach to devise a plan based on your opponents’ defensive strategies and weaknesses.

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Use Your Strengths to Your Advantage

Knowing your strengths is crucial when facing a double team. By emphasizing your strengths and exploiting your opponent’s weaknesses, you can create scoring opportunities and gain the upper hand.

Here are some tips for using your strengths to your advantage:

  • Use your quickness and agility to duck under or sidestep defenders.
  • Employ your strength and power to push through the defenders.
  • Develop fakes and deceptive moves to confuse and misdirect defenders.

Communication is Key

Effective communication with your team is essential to beating a double team. By constantly communicating with your teammates, you can work together to outmaneuver and outsmart the defense.

Here are some tips for effective communication:

  • Use hand signals, verbal cues, and other forms of communication to keep your team in sync.
  • Swap positions with your teammates to create favorable match-ups and confuse the defense.
  • Avoid telegraphing your moves to prevent the defense from anticipating your next move.

Keep a Clear Head

In the face of a double team, panicking and losing control of the situation can be easy. However, keeping a clear head and staying focused on your objectives gives you a better chance of overcoming the defense.

Here are some ways to stay focused:

  • Take a deep breath and focus on your breathing to calm yourself down.
  • Visualize yourself successfully navigating the double team.
  • Maintain a positive attitude and keep your eye on the goal.

Beating a double team requires skill, knowledge, and a strategic approach. By following these strategies and tactics, you can develop the tools and confidence necessary to overcome defensive pressure and score points for your team.

One essential aspect of dominating the field is the ability to defeat opposing players’ blocks. To do that, you must discover the techniques for shedding blocks in football effectively.

Preparing to Beat a Double Team

Facing a double team in football can be daunting for any player. It takes strength, technique, and quick thinking to overcome it.

Developing Your Strength

  • Build strength in your legs: Your lower body is crucial to the success of your endeavor. Heavy lifting exercises like squats and deadlifts will help you develop explosive power.
  • Work on your core strength: Strong abs and back muscles will help you maintain balance and stability while facing a double team.
  • Improve your hand skills: You need to be able to manipulate and control your opponents’ hands to gain leverage. Strengthen your grip with exercises like wrist curls and forearm curls.

Developing Your Techniques

  • Use proper leverage: You need to get under the pads of your opponents to gain an advantage. Leverage involves having your body in the right position to move your opponents where you want them to go.
  • Quick footwork: Moving quickly and side-to-side will enable you to avoid a double team or create gaps that you can use to your advantage.
  • Understand your opponent’s tendencies: Study the film of your opponents to learn their tendencies. This knowledge will help you anticipate their actions and respond accordingly.

Developing Your Strategies

  • Communicate with your teammates: Communication is critical in football. Work with your teammates to develop strategies to beat a double team.
  • Mix up your tactics: Don’t always rely on the same moves. Mix up your strategies to keep your opponents guessing.
  • Take what they give you: If one side of the double team is weaker, attack that side. Look for gaps and take advantage of them.

In the end, beating a double team is about using a combination of strength, technique, and strategy. You’ll set yourself up for success by focusing on these three areas. Remember to stay calm, be patient, and never give up.

Techniques to Beat a Double Team

Double-teaming is a widely used defense technique in football. When playing against multiple opponents, keeping the ball for an extended time can be challenging. However, a few techniques can help players beat double teams.


Players must learn to be quick on their feet to beat a double team. Some essential quickness techniques include:

  • Use explosive first step: This is the most effective way to beat a double team. Moving quickly and driving off the foot closest to the intended direction can create a gap between the defenders.
  • Change of direction: Rapidly switching directions can be very effective at confusing the defenders as they may be unable to adjust in time.
  • Utilize agility training: Agility training drills such as hurdles, cones, and ladder drills can improve a player’s agility and overall coordination, making them quicker on the field.

Hand Placement

Effective hand placement is crucial when dealing with double teams, as it can prevent defenders from executing proper blocks. It also allows offensive players to push the defenders in a specific direction.

Here are some techniques players must master when it comes to hand placement:

  • Arm extension: Extending the arms to create space between the defenders and the player is essential. By doing this, players can keep the defender’s hands away, making it difficult to execute a proper block.
  • Hand positioning: Offensive players must ensure that their hands are always inside the defender’s hands. This gives them a better angle and more leverage to execute blocks.
  • Under-hook/over-hook technique: Players can use their hands to hook the defenders’ arms or hands and force their way through the double team.

Counter Moves

Counter moves are an effective way to beat double teams. It involves deceiving the defenders by faking one way and going another. Counter moves can create separation from the defenders, providing an opportunity to break through the double team.

Here are some effective countermoves:

  • Spin move: A spin move can be executed by turning in the opposite direction of the double team, catching the defenders off guard, and creating a gap to run through.
  • Jab step: This technique involves planting one foot and quickly shifting the weight to the other foot, creating an opportunity to move in a different direction.
  • Swim move: The swim move involves using one hand to move the defender’s arms up or to the side, creating an opening to get through the double team.

Reading & Reacting Strategies

Reading and reacting involves analyzing the defenders’ movements and adapting accordingly, making their moves predictable.

Here are some strategies that can be used:

  • Keep your eyes up: Players should keep their heads up, surveying the field and anticipating double teams to execute the correct response.
  • Timing: Players must pay attention to the timing of the defenders. Timing can be used to make the double team as “weak” as possible, reducing the chances of being tackled.
  • Be patient: Avoiding panicking and rushing when a double team is a bear is crucial. Staying calm and composed can create opportunities to get through the double team.

Beating a double team can be challenging, but with the above techniques, players can master the art of beating a double team.

By practicing these techniques, players can get better at winning 1-on-1 matchups and beating the double team, ultimately dictating the game’s outcome. To truly dominate the field in football, you’ll need to acquire the skills that allow you to stand out. Let’s focus on one key technique – how to pancake like a pro. This will help you flatten the competition with your exceptional skills.

Mastering the Mind: Mental Approaches to Conquer Double Teams

Football can be a challenging sport, especially when you are facing a double team. Many players dread double teams as they are hard to break, but with the right mental approach, you can become a master of double teams.

Stay Calm and Confident

The key to mastering double teams is to stay calm and confident. When faced with two opponents, getting anxious and losing concentration is easy. Instead of panicking, stay focused on your task and trust your abilities.

Remember why you are good at your position, and let that confidence fuel your actions.

Keep Your Focus

Double teams can create distractions, making players take their eyes off the ball. To conquer double teams, you must stay focused on the task. Instead of getting distracted by the double team, focus on the gaps and spaces they leave behind.

You can anticipate and use the double team’s movements to your advantage by keeping your attention on the game.

Communicate With Your Teammates

Communication is key in football, especially when facing a double team. Talk to your teammates and let them know the situation. If your teammates know the double team, they can create opportunities for you to break free or create space for the Passover.

You can break the double team and make a successful play by working together.

Use Your Body

When facing a double team, your body should be your weapon. Instead of relying solely on your strength, use your body to shield the ball and create space. Drop your shoulder in the direction you want to go and use your hip to push your opponents away.

You can create space and freedom of movement by keeping your body between the defenders and the ball.

Outsmart Your Opponents

Lastly, to conquer double teams, you need to outsmart your opponents. Football is a strategy game, so instead of trying to overpower your opponents, use their weaknesses to your advantage.

Analyze your opponents’ movements and look for weaknesses in their formation.

Once you identify their weakness, exploit it to create opportunities for yourself and your team.

Mastering double teams in football takes more than just physical strength. It requires mental strength, focus, and communication. With the right mindset, you can conquer any double team you face and become a master of football.

Drills and Practice Strategies to Improve Double Team Defense Skills

Defending against a double team is essential for any football player who wants to excel on the field. Knowing the right drills to practice and the best ways to improve your double-team defense skills can make all the difference on game day.

Here are some effective drills and practice strategies to help you improve:

Linebacker and Defensive Lineman Double Team Drill

  • Set up two blockers facing one linebacker or defensive lineman.
  • The drill aims to teach the linebacker or defensive lineman how to break double teams quickly.
  • The blocker with the inside position will try to drive the defender back, while the outside blocker will attempt to seal the defender off.
  • The defender will try disengaging from the blockers and burst forward to the ball carrier.

Swim Move Drill

  • This drill teaches defenders to use the swim move to beat double teams and generate a pass rush.
  • One player can simulate the offensive linemen while another tries to swim past them.
  • Focus on the proper technique for performing a swim move and when to apply it.

Angle-Tackling Drill

  • Since double teams typically happen in the trenches, teaching defenders to tackle on an angle is essential.
  • Defenders should approach the ball carrier from the side and use their bodies to take them down.
  • This also helps avoid the double team or getting tangled up in one.

Bullrush Training

  • Set up a blocking sled with two blockers behind it.
  • Defenders should aim to knock the blockers back, dividing them and breaking the double team.
  • Practice this drill by using proper footwork, leverage, and pad level.

Proper Footwork and Technique

  • Teach defenders how to use correct body positioning and footwork during double-team scenarios.
  • Have them practice placing their hands on the correct shoulder of the offensive player and keeping their feet underneath their hips for better control.
  • This will allow them to manipulate the blockers and leverage their strength to break through the double team.
  • Improving your double-team defense skills takes time, practice, and patience. However, incorporating these drills and practice strategies into your routine can help you become a better defender and significantly impact your team’s performance. So, go ahead and start practicing to beat the double team!

Case Studies and Examples

Double teams can be one of the most challenging situations in football. You must stay aware of your surroundings, stay low, and avoid hesitation to beat such a defense.

It requires quick thinking and split-second decision-making. Below are examples of real-life demonstrations of successfully beating double teams in football.

Shane Ray and Marcus Golden vs. Arkansas

Shane Ray and Marcus Golden were two defensive ends from Missouri. In their game against Arkansas, they displayed their ability to beat double teams effectively.

Here are the key points:

  • They played speedily, giving their opponents little time to set up the double team.
  • They did not hesitate, hitting the double team hard and quickly.
  • They remained low to the ground, making it difficult for the offensive linemen to block both of them effectively.

Khalil Mack vs. Ohio State

Khalil Mack is known for his ability to beat double teams in football. He displayed his skill in an incredible game against Ohio State.

Here are the key points:

  • He used his speed to his advantage, allowing him to get the upper hand against the offensive linemen.
  • His handwork was exceptional, easily avoiding the double team’s grasp.
  • He always stayed low, allowing him to drive through the double team.

Aaron Donald vs. Seahawks

Aaron Donald is an incredibly skilled defensive tackle for the Los Angeles Rams. In a game against the Seattle Seahawks, he put on a masterclass on how to beat double teams.

Here are the key points:

  • He anticipated the double team, allowing him to set up for a powerful push.
  • He utilized his agility, shifting his weight to avoid getting blocked by the double team.
  • He was not deterred by the double team, powering through it like a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Beat a Double Team in Football?

To beat a double team in football, you need to use proper footwork and leverage techniques. Stay low and use your hands to gain control of the double team.

What is a Double Team in Football?

A double team in football occurs when two defensive players try to block a single offensive player. It is a common defensive strategy to stop a skilled player.

How Do You Identify a Double Team in Football?

A double team in football can be identified when two defenders focus on a single offensive player. Usually, one defender guards the quarterback and the other blocks.

How Can You Avoid Getting Tackled By a Double Team in Football?

To avoid getting tackled by a double team in football, maintain your focus and keep your feet moving. Use your hands to push and fend off the defenders, and find a gap to run through.

How Do You Outsmart a Double Team in Football?

To outsmart a double team in football, you need to be fast, agile, and alert. Use quick footwork and fake moves to confuse the defenders and create openings.

What Are Some Common Mistakes to Avoid When Facing a Double Team in Football?

Some common mistakes to avoid when facing a double team in football are getting too close to the defender, losing balance, and trying to run through the gap when there is none. Always maintain a low stance and stay focused on the ball.


Beating a double team in football comes down to mastering the basics and being aware of the situation. You need to understand your role in the defense, communicate effectively with your teammates, and always stay focused on the ball carrier.

You can disrupt the double team and make a big play by staying low, maintaining leverage, and using your hands effectively. However, it’s important to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to beating a double team. Every situation is different, and you need to be prepared to adapt on the fly.

With practice, patience, and perseverance, you can become a formidable defender who can defeat a double team with ease. So next time you face a double team, remember these tips and give it your all.

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