Lebron James

One of the biggest and most influential players of all time, LeBron James, has announced his retirement from basketball.

Having played in the NBA (National Basketball Association) for over two decades, he is the oldest and most experienced player ever to leave the NBA in history.

He is the oldest player in the NBA, at 39, and has a stunning career behind him. 

This article aims to illuminate how LeBron James started in the NBA, outline some of his key victories, and show appreciation for the excellent and extremely talented player he is.

Cleveland Cavaliers

Starting his journey in the NBA with the Cleveland Cavaliers was something that LeBron James could have never thought of, creating some of the best bonuses around the NBA, even from a single household, with only his mother raising him and his humble financial beginnings, LeBron James had to defy every odd to become the rising star that the Cavs saw within him.

LeBron was drafted into the NBA in 2003 and stayed with the Cavs for seven years, until 2010.

During his time at the Cleveland Cavaliers, he set record upon record. In only his second year in the NBA, he was awarded the prize of ‘Rookie of the Season’ in 2004, marking him as one of the young players who was sure to become something great.

Noting the team he started with, how he played for them, and how he stayed with them for seven years even though other teams were calling his name is vital to understanding who LeBron James is as a player.

He is loyal to a fault, stands for what he believes in, and makes the best of the cards dealt to him. This, in turn, has created the mammoth successes he has achieved in his career, which will be outlined below.

The Noteworthy LeBron James

Nothing can prepare you for the excellence that is LeBron James. In 2010, he moved over from his family team the Cavs, and joined the Miami Heat team. Within two years with the team, he managed to steer them toward greatness and won the NBA Championship title in 2012 and 2013.

The NBA Championship is the biggest and best thing that you can win in American Basketball and is what countless excellent teams fight for.

The fact that LeBron James won it twice with the same team is exceptional. He achieved this and returned to the Cavs in 2016 and won the NBA Championship title again.

As if that wasn’t enough, he joined the LA Lakers in 2018, and again, within two years, he earned his fourth NBA Championship title in 2020 with the team. 

With a height of 6.75 feet (2,06 meters), some might say that LeBron James was destined for success. However, almost every player in the NBA is at that height.

The power, resilience, and mental capacity that LeBron James was able to bring to and off the court made him the player that fans all across the globe know and love today.

Over his 20+ year career, he has scored over 40,000 points, making him the lead point scorer in the entire NBA history. This is a huge achievement.

If you think about one of the other greatest players ever to touch the court, Michael Jordan, who scored 32,392 points and was a top scorer for this time, perhaps this will put into perspective just how much LeBron James has done and achieved in his career. 

Sometimes, it can be tough for NBA stars to navigate their sport and balance their stardom simultaneously. Everything they say or do in this digital age is recorded and published somewhere.

The one benefit of these recordings, however, is when it comes to the good things, such as LeBron James’s record-breaking score sheet and undefeated status as one of the best basketball players to have ever lived.

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